Jesse Hilton Stuart, ( August 8, 1906- February 17, 1984) a famous American writer, was born and raised in Greenup County, Kentucky.  (Bills) He was the second of seven children.  His parents were Mitchell and Martha Stuart.  His father was a coal miner and a tenant farmer, and even though he himself was uneducated he always wanted his children to have the best education that they could. (Bills) Jesse was very found of writing all throughout school.  After graduating high school he attended Lincoln Memorial University, where he wrote over five hundred poems.  After graduation Jesse headed back to his hometown. By the age of nineteen he decided to become a school teacher.  One day a hefty student picked a fight with him, and after winning the brawl, he took up a long life interest in improving the conditions of teaching.  The following year he became principal at that same school.  After that Jesse left the elementary school to go to graduate school for two years at Vanderbilt. Upon returning back to Kentucky after graduate school, Jesse was asked to be Superintendent of Greenup County schools, in which he accepted. (Bills) Growing up in the country  Jesse found all of his inspirations for his writings.  He always did his best work  when he was just writing at home.  Jesse always said that all his stories were based on true stories that happened to himself or people he knew. 



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